About Us

Sacred Source is a comprehensive personal development resource centre open to people from all walks of life. Besides the extensive library of new age books, DVD's, CD's, exquisite range of jewelry and semi-precious gem stones and crystals, Sacred Source is also known for it's experienced team of psychic readers.

Each member of the team specializes in a particular field of health, wellness and personal development. You will find them warm and welcoming ready to help seven days a week.

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Camille Rogers - Sacred Source Proprietor

Camille is the Owner of Sacred Source, she has a passion for helping people and is responsible for bringing the team together at Sacred Source.

Open heartedness, intuition, wisdom, and knowledge of crystals are just some of the many gifts Camille brings to Sacred Source.

Camille's purpose is to open one's heart to spirit and to assist in the expansion of love and gratitude through her being open and awaked all those around her.

Sacred Source is a safe haven, where people can come to connect with spirituality, knowledge, enlightenment and earth energies to be inspired and nurtured to see their inner potential.

Thanks for visiting our web site I hope you enjoy browsing and as always I look forward to seeing some of you pop into the shop.

Blessings to everyone on their journey!

Camille Rogers