Eases Emotions, Releases Anger, Detoxifies

"Sulfur is negatively electrified, assisting one in the removal of negative willfulness and in the elimination of distracting intellectual thoughts and emotions which could affect the emotional and intellectual bodies. It tends to promote an abundance of energy, flashes of inspiration, and a stimulation of the application of devotion towards the realization of the perfection of self. Sulfur can help to gently melt the barriers blocking progress. It has been used as a fumigant and to discourage infestations of insects and negativity within ones environment.

Sulfur has been used by the South American and Mexican Indians in ceremonial healings. It is said to bring together the synthesis of the four directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky. It has also been used by the ancient nomadic tribes of North America, as an offering to the four cardinal directions so that both darkness would be dissipated and corruption would be cleansed from the Earth.” Love is in the Earth--A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody

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