Calming, Garden Growth

Sphene (Titanite) can literally help your garden grow! Place a grid of Sphene crystals in your vegetable garden, herb garden or flower beds. Sphene stimulates growth in a big way.

Sphene helps to calm the emotions and soothe the heart.  It aligns the spiritual, emotional, etheric and mental bodies, stimulating healing and/or improving health.

Sphene is often used to promote contact with the heavenly bodies within this universe, work with the principles of shape shifting and enhance communications/bonding with all animals.

Physically, Sphene can be used to treat muscle strain, reduce fevers, inflammation, and balance blood cell (both red and white) counts in the body.  Use Sphene as an elixir to soothe skin.  Sphene can also be very helpful in the area of tooth and gum issues.

- source www.healingcrystals.com

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