Shields, Expands, Stimulates Growth

"Actinolite crystal is an immensely important tool! It is a phenomenal shielding device and expands the energy bodies. This expansion provides for a connection to “All That Is” and facilitates the “brotherhood” of all. Actinolite provides a familiarity with all of those who one encounters, withholding all aspects of that which cause the familiar smile, action or being, to appear objectionable. By focusing this mineral on an unwanted condition, lessening is both facilitated and enhanced." Love is in the Earth - A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody

Chakra: Heart

System: Monoclinic

Star Sign: Scorpio

Physical: stimulates activity of the liver and kidneys as well as all building-up and growth processes

Emotional: Helps pursue personal aims with determination

Spiritual: Promotes self esteem an inner balance

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