Meteorite Impactite

Libyan Desert Glass

This rare genuine translucent Libyan Desert Glass was found in the Great Sand Sea in Egypt. It is also found on the Libyan site of the border. Libyan Desert Glass was formed by a meteorite impact and is is a type of natural glass caused by the enormous heat at the moment of impact . LDG's have a very high concentration of metallic compounds which are also found in chondrite meteorites. They also have high concentrations of platinum group elements and rare earth elements confirming the meteorite connection. LDG's generally contain more than 98% pure silica. Chemical analysis shows that the glass is locally enriched with chondritic meteoritic elements.

Metaphysical Properties:

Creates good luck, aids learning, especially spiritual pursuits. Learn your duties in this life time and 'know' what you should do now. Excellent for bringing people together, increases new ideas and meeting of the minds.

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