Opens/Activates the Chakras, Grounding, Protective/Shielding

An unapproved name for a metamorphic rock consisting primarily of two amphiboles - Anthophyllite and Gedrite. Nuummite is the oldest living mineral formed over three billion years ago. It is composed of a combination of amphiboles called Anthophyllite and Gedite. "Nuummite can be used to open, activate and integrate the chakras. It provides for grounding, via the chakras, to both the Earth and the ethereal body. Nuummite aligns all subtle bodies and both balances and aligns the chakras. Nuummite also ssists in the removal of energy blockages. It is an excellent energy source, exhibiting electro-magnetic energy field and providing for the transfer of energy from the etheric body to the physical. Nuummite can remove the "muddy" areas in the auric field. Very protective and shielding piece. Nuummite will help against the negative vibrations of pollutants, can relieve pain associated with headaches, purifies the blood and kidneys and is an excellent stone for the stimulation of the triple-burner meridians." Love is in the Earth--A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody

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