Spiritual, Unconditional Love, Heart Healer

“Danburite is a highly spiritual stone carrying a very pure vibration and working on the heart energy. It activates both the intellect and higher consciousness, linking into the angelic realms. Its brillance comes from cosmic light. Wearing Danburite provides a link to serenity and eternal wisdom. Used in meditation, it takes you to a high state of consciousness and accesses inner guidance. Danburite is an excellent stone for facilitating deep change and for leaving the past behind. It can act as a karmic cleanser. It starts the soul off in a new and exciting direction. Placed by the bedside, this crystal can accompany the dying on their journey beyond death, enabling a conscious spiritual transition to take place. Danburite stimulates the Third Eye, the Crown and the higher crown chakras, opening these up to the fourteenth level. It aligns the Heart chakra to these higher crown chakras. It also clarifies the aura and promotes lucid dreaming. A very powerful healing stone as well." The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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