Tiffany Stone

High vibration, High energy, Soul path

Tiffany Stone is composed of varying combinations of minerals such as bertrandite (beryllium silicate), beryl, calcite, chalcedony, cobalt, dolomite, fluorite, manganese oxide, rhodonite, quartz and zinc. The purple color that characterizes Tiffany Stone was created by fluorine gases, while the distinct black-colored veins were caused by manganese oxide; all of which were sealed within the sedimentary layers, becoming opalized over time.

"Tiffany stone enhances intuition and metphysical gifts, opening the higher crown chakras and connecting to multiple-dimensions and the highest of guidance. Assisting in interpreting channelled material, this stone is useful for intergrating the lightbody into the physical realm, supporting the soul as it does so." The crystal Bible 2 - Judy Hall

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